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Hello, guys! How are you all doing? This is the admin/creator/designer of Aly & AJ Russia. I’m very happy if you visited the site and are reading this post now, it makes me very happy. Well, if you have not noticed, some things have changed recently, and I would like to tell you more about all of them.

We put the new layout up to the site and our Twitter and Facebook. All the more, we changed our main domain to But you can still visit the site via, if you want. We have finally escaped from Michalka Fan Russia name to officially be Aly & AJ Russia. I was working on the layouts for the site, Twitter and Facebook for a very long time and was trying to do my best that to look good and more or less professional.

Also, you could see that the site was not available yesterday. It was happening because we moved to the other hosting, which is much better and faster. Thank you so much, Free Fansite Hosting, for accepting us and helping with all the problems we had. Also, after long thinking, we decided to change the domain of the photogallery. But you can still visit a reserved version of the photogallery at anyway.

I would like to tell that we lost some photos during transferring the gallery. Of course, we will restore all of those photos little by little, but it may take a long time. If you would like to help us restore all the photos of Aly & AJ, just let us know. And we absolutely changed the Lyrics Center and made this much better for you.

Many things have changed and here are some of them (including what I was talking about before):

New site address:

New photogallery address:

New lyrics center address:

• Posts on the home page now have thumbnails and got much shorter; you can read a full one by clicking on the button “Read More“.

• If you like any post, you can always share it on Twitter/Facebook/Google/Pinterest by clicking on one of the buttons next to a post name.

• We have added Aly & AJ Russia‘s Story, list of all our domains, a page with all the layouts we has had since launching the site, made some pages better and began to set up different thumbnails to posts and pages.

• After long thinking, we decided that we would not longer post any photos from paparazzi to show respect Aly & AJ‘s privacy. We have removed all the posts about paparazzi photos and all the photos in the photogallery. However, we may post papapazzi photos if they are taken on shootings of Aly/AJ’s projects.

• The way you can ask for affiliates has changed. Now you can do it by applying the form that you can see on the page about Affiliates. Remember that we always look for affiliates and want you to affiliate with us. Just apply a form, and I will add your site.

• We installed a new version of Chat box where you can talk to each other and ask something.

• You can now see Aly & AJ‘s upcoming events on the sidebar and always know what suppose to happen in the nearest time.

• If you like a post, you can show it by clicking on a heart under the post and make us feel happy. It’s something like posts on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

• When you go to the site, you can see latest news on the header and scroll to see a little bit more ones.

• You can quickly find our social networks just by clicking on pictures on the header with a social network you need.

I cannot stop thanking you for supporting the site and appreciating what I have been doing for almost 5 years. I believe the site has grown very much and has got very much. However, I’m not going to stop on what I have gotten. I will be trying to do my best to get better and popular. I love you all, guys, and will be doing all of this only for you. Follow all Aly & AJ Russia’s social networks to know all the latest news about Aly & AJ.

Lots of love, the Aly & AJ Russia team.

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