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Posted by: Maria
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Hello, every visitor of the site Michalka Fan Russia. How’s everyone doing? This is the admin of the site with one message for you. Honestly, I’ve waited for this moment for such a long time, and it has finally come! So, let’s talk about what I want to tell.

Today is June, 27th. How do you think what the day this is? Maybe, this is an usual way for you, and you ask something like “What the hell?” But today is a very special date for the community of Michalka Fan Russia (or Aly & AJ Russia). Today, our site celebrates 4 YEARS online! Four years! Can you imagine? This site was launched on June, 27th 2012 on, but we got the domain on August, 2013. So, this site had been existing for 3 years until we decided to change something and to reach a new level. I think we did it by launching the new version of the site.

I posted the note about the new version of the site ( on April, 24th 2016. I think many of you liked what we did, and we are still continuing to do. Our site was launched as the beta version, and was continuing its work. We saw that it our work was appreciated very well (as I think), and we decided to launch the site officially. So, here we are! Welcome to the new site of Michalka Fan Russia/Aly & AJ Russia!

Maybe, our community is little, and we do not have so many followers as many communities do. But I think it’s better to try and not to give up. I don’t search for the crazy fame or whatever. I just support Aly & AJ. By the way, I celebrated 7 years of being a fan of Aly & AJ on June, 17th. Maybe, we are not the best source about Michalka sisters, but we support them and show our love.

Also, if you have not noticed, our site has not one but two languages (English and Russian). We decided to set the Russian language on the site because the community was created by the Russian fan, and it would be great not to forget about this. All the pages and widgets have been translated into Russian, but only the latest posts have been translated into this one.

We have a perfect mobile version of the site where all the pages are adapted for mobile gadgets. So, if you use iPhone/iPad/any other gadget, you can always check our site without problems. But if you have problems, we are ready to fix it if you contact us and tell about your problem. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

So, here’s some page that you will probably like:

Aly’s biography (Read everything about Aly):
AJ’s biography (Read everything about AJ):
Aly & AJ’s biography (Read everything about Aly & AJ):
Media Center (Media center to find some interesting things):
Discography (Page to see the discography of Aly & AJ):
Filmography (Page to see the filmography of Aly & AJ):
MFR’s Art (Wallpapers and CD cover for Aly & AJ’s unreleased songs):
MFR/Aly & AJ’s contacts (Our accounts and Aly & AJ’s accounts):
Photogallery (Photogallery where all the latest photos will be posted):
Aly & AJ’s music (iTunes USA) (Links to buy Aly & AJ’s music):
Lyrics Center (Lyrics and information about Aly & AJ’s songs):

In addition to this, we have the section “Partners Sites”. If you want your site to affiliate with us, you can feel free to contact us or write about the wish to affiliate with us on the section “Chat”. By the way, you can talk to each other in the chat, and the admin of the site will also talk to you all.

Maybe, more new interesting things will be added on the site, but we have not thought anything new yet. However, you can be absolutely sure that we will post all the news about Aly & AJ. Also, you can check out our Twitter (@Michalka_Fan_Ru) to find much more things that we sometimes post there but do not post on the site.

We really hope you like our site, and we want you to love it. We will try to do our best to make it better and better. Also, I really hope it will work correctly and will not betray us anyhow. We have worked with this site too hard for a long time to give up on something now.

Thank you so much for your love, support, kindness, and good words that we get from you. We really appreciate it very highly. It’s very important to us.

We love you all very, very much!
Lots of love, the Michalka Fan Russia/Aly & AJ Russia Team

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