Happy New Year From The Michalka Fan Russia Team

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Posted by: Maria
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Happy New Year to every Violetbud and Aly & AJ. We want to wish you all the best in your life! We love you very much. I can’t believe another one year is over! We really hope all your wishes will come true and this year will bring you something good. 

The Michalka Fan Russia’s club is continuing to developing! In 2015 year, Aly & AJ retweeted our tweet the first time (https://twitter.com/Michalka_Fan_Ru/status/619445845323345924), we got the answer from AJ on the birthday wish for her when we sent a message in Instagram for her and Aly saw our birthday wish for her, Rose McIver from iZombie faved/liked our tweet and Aly’s husband Stephen liked our photo. We have 224 followers on Twitter, 13 subscribers on YouTube, 257 followers on Instagram, 23 likes on Facebook and only 3 followers on Google +. That’s not very good, but I’m not gonna give up. 

Michalka Fan Russia’s site is becoming better and better and trying to be one of the best source about Aly & AJ. We’re always working on something new and trying to do everything you to have a pleasure to visit our site and find all news about Michalka’s sisters. I really hope we’ll think up something new this 2016 year and you’ll love it.

I’ll repeat again: I want to thank you all from all my heart for your support and loyalty. It means a lot for us! We love you all and we hope you had a great year and you’ll have a perfect 2016 year. We wish you the good moments next year and we hope this year will be amazing for you all.

I hope Aly & AJ will be releasing their new album in 2016 or letting us know about some news about their new album! We are very excited to hear the new music from the sisters and I think that’s gonna be amazing!

Happy New Year For Everyone 🙂 We love you all to the moon and back! Always remember this! <3 Lots of love from us 🙂 <3 Always Your, The Michalka Fan Russia Team!

P.S. Enjoy this holiday with Aly & AJ’s Christmas album “Acoustic Hearts of Winter” because this album is brilliant and I always listen to this on every New Year since 2009.