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Hello, everyone. How’s everyone doing? This is the admin of the site, Michalka Fan Russia by Aly & AJ Russia. Today is December, 31st, the last day of the year. And what does it mean? Well, it means the New Year is coming very, very soon. And I’m leaving here a little message for you with all the results of this year. As it always happens every year, I would like to remember everything that happened this year and remind about what to expect of in 2017.

The most important event that happened to us this year is moving the site from Blogspot to WordPress. It was a hard thing, but I did it. All the more, we also changed our name from Michalka Fan Russia to Aly & AJ Russia to become the first Russian fan club of Aly & AJ. Our site turned 4 years this year, and I think I’ve done so much to make it much better. Unfortunately, I had to take the Russian version of the site down because of some reasons. However, I’m still continuing to update the site with all news about Aly & AJ, but many of ones you can find on our Twitter (@AlyAndARussia).

Aly & AJ often like our photos on Instagram, and they also retweeted our tweet about a birthday of the deluxe edition of Into the Rush and tweeted us two times (1. An answer for our question during Q&A; 2. A tweet with a birthday wish for me). We have 275 followers on Twitter, 293 followers on Instagram, 30 likes on Facebook, 6 followers on Google+, and 17 subscribers on YouTube. I wonder if we can get 300 followers on Twitter/Instagram next year.

Aly & AJ Russia is always trying to get better and better and become one of the best sources about Aly & AJ Michalka. We do not stop working on something new and looking for great things for the site. Also, we are going to change something in a layout of the site/lyrics center/photogallery next year. But do not worry, I’m not going to change the theme completely because I love the current layout. We are also probably going to finally move to the domain alyandajrussia.ga and escape the current one/keep it reserved. I actually have many great plans for the future of the site, but I do not know if I can make it come true.

I know it’s not about the site, but I’m planning to launch a site where people can order a free layout for WordPress/Coppermine/Twitter/Facebook. I could make it paid, but I do not have an account on PayPal or something like that. And I’m also not a professional in designing and coding. This is just my hobby and a chance to teach something. Maybe, I will think something about paid orders later, but now I will not do anything.

Well, now let’s remember everything that happened to Aly & AJ. The movie, Weepah Way For Now, where the sisters played together, was released on many platforms and DVD. I believe you must watch this movie because this is really an amazing movie. Alyson and Amanda also have roles in “iZombie” and “The Goldbergs” and these TV Shows are pretty successful. All the more, the 1st season of iZombie has already been translated in Russia. I hope the 2nd season will be also translated very soon because I loved this show after I watched it.

But the most awaited thing is he announcement about releasing new music in 2017. The single is expecting to be released already in February 2017. We are all so excited to hear new music as soon as possible. I hope it’s going to be something amazing and cannot wait to get what we have been waiting for. We will be posting all the news about Aly & AJ‘s new music and let you know about everything.

I will never stop thanking you, guys, for supporting us and giving a motivation to go ahead. The reasons Aly & AJ Russia/Michalka Fan Russia has been continuing its work for 5 years are Aly & AJ and you all, guys. This fan club could not actually exist if I did not have your support, loyalty, love, kindness, and wish to help us get better. Thank you all so much with all my heart, guys. No words can describe how much I love you and everything I’m doing. If you support this community over and over, Aly & AJ Russia will be existing for many, many years and working for you.

Hope you will have a great 2017, and the upcoming year will be much, much better and easier than 2016. Spend holidays with everyone you love and always believe in a miracle. We wish you to have everything you want, never get sad and gloomy, always be happy and positive, and do you best to fight for your wishes and not to let your dreams be only dreams. So, let’s listen to the Aly & AJ‘s Holidays album “Acoustic Hearts of Winter” and enjoy the air of holidays. This magical album has been my must-have for every New Year and Christmas since 2009, the year I felt in love with Aly & AJ’s music.

Happy New Year, everyone!
May 2017 year will be amazing and easy for you.
Sending much love, the Aly & AJ Russia team.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good tidings we bring to you and your kin, good tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year. We all know that Santa’s coming and soon he’ll be here…

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