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As you could notice, the site Aly & AJ Russia has moved from alyandajrussia.ga to alyandajrussia.ga/en. It has happened because there is now the Russian version of Aly & AJ Russia that you can check out on alyandajrussia.ga/ru. If you go to just alyandajrussia.ga, you can select the language of the site you want to visit and check out our Photogallery and Lyrics Center. So, now the site has the two versions on different languages, and we hope you enjoy it.

CHOOSE LANGUAGE: alyandajrussia.ga
ENGLISH VERSION: alyandajrussia.ga/en
RUSSIAN VERSION: alyandajrussia.ga/ru
PHOTOGALLERY: alyandajrussia.ga/gallery
LYRICS CENTER: alyandajrussia.ga/lyrics

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