Go Back Aly & AJ’s new music is on the way
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There is a little piece of good news, guys. Aly & AJ are so close to releasing new music in the nearest time and now working on this so hard. The Michalkas tweeted on their Twitter (@alyandaj) that they picked the Cover Art (EP that we suppose to get), finalized mixes, and chose the release date. Also, they shared a link on the BuzzFeed article about their new upcoming music. You can read and find a link bellow.

Guys. It’s been a trying time lately. But I’m here to bring you some uplifting news: the iconic ’00s duo Aly & AJ are BACK. I know, you’re like, “Um, they’ve been saying that for a long time now.” But listen up, THIS TIME IT’S REAL. ALY ? AND ? AJ ? ARE ? BACK.

Back in January, we got a glimmer of hope. A moody black and white image of a sound booth with some potential song titles (???). And then it became real. Aly shared this mini preview of a new track while in the recording studio… …they posted another cryptic message a month later… …and then revealed that soon, our pop goddesses Aly & AJ will rise from the dead.

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