Month: November 2017
11/17/2017 Aly & AJ’s Ten Years is available now!
Aly & AJ Aly & AJ's Music News Video

The great day has come, guys! Aly & AJ released their long-awaited EP called “Ten Years“, and it’s now available everywhere! It includes such songs like “Take Me“, “I Know“, “Promises” and “The Distance“. Please, support the Michalka sisters by streaming or buying their new EP. They really deserved it! Don’t forget to spread this news, tell all your friends that #AlyAndAJAreBack and show Alyson and Amanda how much we love and are proud of them!

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11/11/2017 Aly & AJ x Cimorelli – Chemicals React
Aly & AJ Aly & AJ's Music Other Video

Aly & AJ and the band Cimorelli made a cover for one of the Michalkas‘ song called “Chemicals React” and posted a video on YouTube. These ladies sound pretty good while singing together, and I’m personally so happy they performed this song that is one of my favorite ones. Check the video the YouTube channel of the band Cimorelli

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11/03/2017 Aly & AJ released a new single “I Know”
Aly & AJ Aly & AJ's Music News

Yesterday/today, Aly & AJ made us surprised by releasing a second single “I Know” from their new upcoming EP called “Ten Years“. We had gotten no announcement about this, and the ladies gave us a little surprise two weeks weeks before the release of the EP

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