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Finally we have a great news about Aly & AJ‘s music! The day we can hear new music of Michalkas is getting closer and closer, and the girls do not leave us without news. On February 11th, Aly & AJ tweeted that we need to 11 more weeks until the release of their new material. We have the information that Aly & AJ‘s new music supposes to be released on April, 28th. It supposed to be released on February-March, but everything has changed.

We are going to hear a single, but not an EP, as we used to think. It’s unknown what we will hear, but there’s a probability to hear one of those songs that we know about; it might be “I Know“, “The Distance” or “Take Me“. But after the tweet with the photo that Aly & AJ tweeted on February, 13th, we can assume that the name of the new Aly & AJ‘s single is “I Know“. But we have no confirmation if we are right, and the girls have not told anything yet. However, we assure you that April, 28th is the day we hear something from Aly & AJ.

We will tell you all news about new music after finding out something. Follow our Twitter (@alyandajrussia) where we always post everything we know.

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