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As you know, yesterday, Aly & AJ had the Q&A where they answered the questions of their fans. We did not post all the questions from the previous Q&A, but now we have done it you to read all the questions and answers of Aly & AJ. Congrats if you got an answer on during yesterday’s Q&A, but don’t be sad if you did not. The girls promised to have more Q&A sessions, we are sure you will be lucky next time.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your new album?
A: Inspiration is coming from truthful experiences, growing up in this industry, living a part, Aly getting married

Q: What’s are you most excited about finally releasing new music? love and missed you btw x
A: We’ve only really ever released music as young girls, to make a record as adults is so fulfilling. We needed time

Q: If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently?
A: AJ & I were just talking about this the other night. Some things yes, but mostly no.We’re happy with the path we took

Aly & AJ asks their fans: What do you guys want to hear from the new record? We want your opinion

Q: Is your new album going to be released independently or through a major record label?
A: Our hopes are to release through a label. It’s a long process to get there!

Q: What was one thing that made you want to come back and write more music??
A: Hearing how many fans have stuck with us has really triggered Aly and I to get back. We were born to do this.

Q: I enjoyed the indie production of Hothouse. Maybe a little electro pop too?
A: We agree

Q: When do you guys plan on releasing your new album? And is it still under ’78violet’?
A: New record will be under “Aly & AJ”. We don’t want to throw out any dates yet. Just focusing on writing constantly

Q: Describe the new album in 2 emojis?

Q: I just wanted to say I am so proud of you girls. I grew up with you and I am so excited for this new path.
A: Thank you, means so much to us

Q: How’s it feel writing and recording together again? Will there be any concerts along the way?
A: Our dream is to tour again. Aly and I cannot wait, we plan on it.

Q: Oh, good question! I just want you girls to be open, honest & make inspiring music, like you always have! (-:
A: Amen

Q: Your harmonies are so lots of that, please.
A: We got you

Q: Would you guys ever do more r&b and soul type music for the new music?
A: Been listening to soul, bluegrass, pop, alternative rock…

Q: With new music which is so exciting ! Will you still have time to appear on #izombie ?
A: Yes,I’ll be flying back from Vancouver to continue writing & recording w/AJ while she shoots @TheGoldbergsABC

Q: Somethin a little dancey! But also a lot about personal experiences! Showcasing your voices would be nice too.
A: Absolutely!

Q: What was your favourite song of the potential breakup song era? So excited for you’re new music!!!
A: “Closure”

Q: Will you guys be posting any YouTube videos soon?
A: We will try to be more active on You Tube…we’re just not technologically savvy, so it’s a learning curve for us

Q: We were never gonna go anywhere hope you’re having a wonderful time writing and recording this album
A: Thank you so much @BeckyNCKfan

Q: I was obsessed with your music when I was younger so whatever music you release, just know you have my support
A: Aw:) thank you! Spread the word that #alyandajareback & we promise not to let you down with this new material

Q: Will you record any cover songs in the meantime aswell as writing new music?
A: Right now we’re just focusing on creating all new music. As much as we love covers, those will have to wait

Q: Is Stephen Ringer going to direct the future music video like he did with hothouse? Such a masterpiece!
A: That’s the goal, we want him to direct pretty much everything we do hehe #sisterinlaw

Q: One of my favorites of yours will always be Flattery! Any updates on @weepahwayfornow?
A: Thank! One of my favorites too! @weepahwayfornow will be out on June 17th!

Q: I’ve been a fan since I was younger, I still listen to you guys everyday… please, make a tour in latin america!
A: We’ve never been….and to answer you’re question yes! Thank you for being there since the start

Q: Do you think you’ll be releasing “Boy” when this officially comes out?
A: Yes indeed. “Boy” is really important to us. That song stays, you heard it here

Q: What’s the main difference that you feel in the song writing and music process for you?
A: It all comes down to life experience. The more you grow, the more you have to show for it

Q: What’d you have for lunch
A: Eggs Benedict with Salmon

Q: Will you be having an Aly & AJ vevo page like you had for ’78Violet’?
A: Yes, once we release a new video with this recent material!

Q: Dear 14 year old me, @alyandaj are releasing new music. Try not to panic. AH.
A: Dear 14 year old you, we’ve missed you. How’s life?:)

Q: Are you guys aiming for a release anytime this year? I cannot wait!!!
A: Yes

Q: Are you coming back in film or a tv show would love that #alyandajareback
A: Both going back to @TheGoldbergsABC and @CWiZombie for seasons 4 and 3. So grateful

Q: Have you ever had to stop doing something that you loved to do? What and why?
A: We used to ride horses when living in Seattle and had to give it up when we moved to LA. No time in a day 🙁

Q: Favorite movie that you’ve seen so far this year?
A: “Mustang”

Q: Soo happy #alyandajareback! are the new songs going to be more pop or indie pop or another genre?? can’t wait!!
A: Indie pop

Q: Can we see Aly guest star with AJ as Lainey on #TheGoldbergs?
A: Love that idea! Ask @adamfgoldberg @TheGoldbergsABC

Q: Do you have a name for your new album yet? love u both! so excited for new music
A: Would you guys want a name or self titled “Aly & AJ”?

Q: Why the switch back to your original name?
A: It’s who we are, just feels right.

Q: Looking forward to going to any concerts this summer?
A: Yes! Seeing @RayLaMontagne @mymorningjacket @OfficialSting @bobdylan and #PeterGabriel this year! #legends

Q: Will you have more of these question sessions?
A: Yes! And with more and more detail every time!

Q: Tbh w/ you? I think you girls should go w/ a self titled album. Would be easier to help bring back older fans.
A: We think so too! Thank you for your advice Jeff.

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