Month: July 2017

iZombie‘s Team Z has officially grown: Aly Michalka (Peyton) will be a series regular in Season 3.

Michalka has been a part of the show since the very first episode, but she remained recurring throughout the first two years.


As you know, yesterday, Aly & AJ had the Q&A where they answered the questions of their fans. We did not post all the questions from the previous Q&A, but now we have done it you to read all the questions and answers of Aly & AJ. Congrats if you got an answer on during yesterday’s Q&A, but don’t be sad if you did not. The girls promised to have more Q&A sessions, we are sure you will be lucky next time.


Some time ago, Aly & AJ posted on Twitter one tweet where they say that they are going to do another Q&A (Question & Answer) for their fans on May, 15th at 1pm PST. So, you have a chance to get an answer from them again! To ask them a question/questions, you need to have an account on Twitter, to use the hashtag #AlyAndAJAreBack, to tweet your question and to wait for the answer.